This obsession with candles started about 8 years ago and has got worse over the years. I was at an old workplace when I was tidying up and someone had just left a Yankee Candle on the side, naturally, I had to take the top off to smell it. From that moment when I drifted off to some other world, whilst I inhaled deeply the smell of sweet vanilla cupcakes, I knew life would never be the same again. Yes, I bought that very candle, all £19.99 worth! I still have it to this day sat happily on my mantle piece. It’s called Christmas Cupcake, so I feel it’s only right to burn it…at Christmas. Although I do light it every now and then for nostalgia purposes.

But this was only the start. I’ve since had my ‘nose’ in as many Yankee jars as possible; hunting out the best fragrances to fill my living space.

I usually buy the large jars, as I think they are better valued, so you get more for your money!

Here are my top 10: (I tried to do a top 5 list but  it wasn’t happening…)

A while after I’d discovered the Candles I was at a Yankee Display and saw these little tart shape waxes, I thought they were just to see what the candles smelt like, kind of ‘a try before you buy,’ until someone kindly told me “They are melts, which you use in an oil/wax burner with a tea light underneath.” So being a fraction of the price of the candles I thought I’d give them a go. Now I have a stockpile of Tartlets! They give off the strongest fragrance and last about a month, burning them every day for at least 5 hours a time.

I do buy other candle brands, but I just simply love the range of fragrances that Yankee produce and that you can get different candles for different occasions.

*All opinions are my own and I am not sponsored by any of the above brands



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