Recently I took a trip to my local Primark and went straight to the ‘Home’ section. I must say that I’m not a huge fan of shopping for clothes in Primark, but the Homeware I am! Bedding, Towels, Candles, Lights, it’s all so pretty. Pretty AND affordable!

This time I bought a heap of candles! They are such good value. My favourite candle/scent is No.15 Plum Blossom + Vanilla. It’s so fruity and fills the room with its sweet zesty scent.  I keep one either side of my bedside as they go with my colour scheme. I love the large frosted jars they come in and the pop off lid. And at £6 each they are a steal!

No.15 Plum Blossom + Vanilla

I picked up a couple of ‘No.31 Sandalwood’ in the glass jars and a couple in the tall pillar style. They have a lovely spicy aroma.  I also picked up the reed diffuser, which is not nice at all! It’s very musky and smells like old clothes! I don’t know why it’s so different from the candles, so, unfortunately, that one didn’t have a place in my home. It was only £1.00 so I wasn’t totally devastated. But I was pretty upset to find my little Pineapple candle with a part broken off! It’s the cutest bronze pineapple candle with the ‘tuft’ as the lid; I’ll just have to face that side to the wall *sad face*. The pineapple candle was £3, the glass jars were £2 and the pillars were £1.50 each.

No.31 Sandalwood

The next candle to land itself in my bag was a gorgeous green glass jar with a pretty collar label. The scent is Sweet Fig and Tonka Bean. It’s sweet and fruity with a hint of spice. It has a screw on lid with the same pattern on it as the label.  I’m not sure what I love more, the jar or the scent! This one was £3.

Sweet Fig and Tonka Bean

I already have one of these ‘Orange and Ginger Spice’ reed diffusers and every time I walked into the room I could smell this amazing smell. I realized it was this diffuser heating up in the sun and filling the room with its fruity orange scent, so I bought another one I the same scent for my kitchen. This one is 100ml and £3, unlike the unpleasant Sandalwood one which was 30mls and £1. It comes in a really pretty box, so think it would make a lovely gift.

Orange and Ginger Spice Reed Diffuser

Next, I bought another small diffuser in No.9  Wild Orchid and Honey. As you can imagine this is sweet and floral. Such a beautiful fresh scent. I place most of my diffusers near a window so the scent is released by the warmth of the sun. I’d say these typically last around 3-4 months, which is great value!

No.9 Wild Orchid and Honey


I think Primark candles are such value and they have a huge range of scents and variety to suit everyone.

Let me know what you think of their candle and diffuser range. What are your favourites?


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