This may be a bit of a random post but I really wanted to share this with you as I think that others of you may feel the same way. I feel that something so simple was the reason my goals seemed so hard to achieve.

*Firstly, this post is about my confidence and my personal body goals. It’s not about body slamming or saying you have to look a certain way, eat a certain way and keep fit bla bla bla. You can be any size or shape and have bags of confidence. It’s how you feel that matters. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I think real beauty comes from within.

So I eat healthily, I rarely eat processed food, the exception of a chicken kiev every now and then, I fricking love them! I don’t eat junk (it makes me feel tired and lethargic) and I make everything I cook from scratch, so I know exactly what is going into it. I flavour my food with herbs and spices and stay clear of sauces and condiments. My portion sizes are small and I chose whole grains, gluten free and lean foods. I cook with coconut oil and I only drink americanos with a splash of unsweetened almond milk (which is basically water) coconut milk, water or green tea. I don’t drink ANY fizzy drinks or juice.  Alcohol I drink about the equivalent of 3 bottles of wine a year. I love chocolate but I will limit the amount I eat and opt for the healthy variety (70% cocoa). I am quite an active person and I exercise a few times a week. So why the hell was I not losing any weight???

In December I decided to stop taking my contraceptive pill. I thought nothing of it and threw away the last pack I had. I had set my new year body goal to drop a jean size (size 12) to a size 10, without squishing myself into them! (You know what I mean) My other goal was to tone up my stomach so I felt confident to wear a cropped jumper/top in public without feeling self-conscious. My diet couldn’t get much healthier, so I knew it meant working out harder to lose the weight. If I’m totally honest, yes I worked/work out, but not excessive, BUT I was losing the weight…? (When I say weight, I mean my clothes were getting baggy. I don’t actually have scales anymore). But it wasn’t like I was having 3 sugars in my tea and eating takeout all the time or drinking wine every night with a bar of chocolate. Those things you could cut out or down on and see a result. I may have previously indulged on a Saturday night sometimes with half a pack of Doritos and a chocolate bar which I don’t anymore, but nothing crazy.

Roll forward 2 months and by February my muffin top was gone and my hip fat had melted off. My jeans were feeling really loose around my waist and I was forever yanking them up. I could stretch my leggings out to fit another leg in them! I couldn’t believe it. What had I done differently? I hadn’t worked out particularly hard or differently to how I’ve done in the past. I can only put it down to the pill. Looking back it makes sense, I was always happy with my body up until when I started taking it. After that, I struggle with my weight.  I had to be careful what I ate (true fact). That’s why I became so into healthy eating and wanted to teach myself about nutrition, eating the right foods and just looking after my body. Now my diet is exactly the same and I don’t work out half as hard as I did 4 months ago but the parts of my body I’d desperately wanted to get rid of have finally gone. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been with my body and I really think it’s down to stopping the contraceptive pill.  This isn’t to say I’m going to start eating bad and stop working out, I love a healthy diet, I’m full of energy, I don’t get tired and my overall health is great.

This worked for me and may not work for everyone, as everyone is different and some people have other factors that may act against them. But it’s something to consider if you are struggling. Also, remember if you stop the contraceptive pill you still need to protect yourself. Safe sex guys!

Thanks for reading.

Have a great day


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