I find myself so lucky to have a handful of really good friends, the sort of friends that you can talk to about anything, especially when times are a bit rubbish or you just feeling like getting things off your chest and having a rant. Friends you can be totally ‘You’ around, no judgements, say the most ridiculous things and they just “get you”. Over the years I come to learn that it’s hard to find people like this because people have come and gone or we’ve just grown apart or our lives have just changed.

My closest friends are the longest, but this isn’t always the case in every friendship. I guess for me these friends are just too important to be without forever. Sometimes we’ve lost touch with due to Uni or travel but somehow no matter how much time or distance apart nothing really changes, when we meet up it’s like we saw each other yesterday.  Apparently, a friendship that lasts more than 7 years is a true friendship, so far I believe that to be true. I can’t imagine the friendships I’ve built for this long not being in my life, we are lifers! I hope they’d agree.

And then there is Facebook… So many people I’ve not seen for absolutely years, some from school, some from old jobs or just some I’ve met on my journey and lost all contact with, then Facebook came along and I’ve seemed to have got in contact with all these people, even if it’s just a friend request, it’s like a ‘Hi, Long time no see, Hope you’re doing well”. But sometimes even if you don’t actually speak to these ‘friends’, it’s nice to see how they are getting on in life and hopefully doing just fine.



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