It’s only been in the last 5 years that I’ve really got into books, I’ve even bought a book shelf! I am one for judging a book by its cover, though, I have to admit. If I read the back and it doesn’t excite me then I usually put it back down. I love mystery and suspense in a book. Crime and Thrillers are my favourites. A good book to me is one you can’t put down and find myself saying, “one more chapter”. If I can’t get into it by the first 2 chapters it will more than likely sit on the shelf with the bookmark in it. A book that brings out all your emotions is a great one, I’ve cried, laughed, got mad and frustrated reading. That for me is what I look for in a book,

These are some of my favourite reads so far:


This book I spotted at the airport, The picture of the house with the light on intrigued me, I immediately picked it up, read the back and I was sold. I wanted to start it straight away.

It kept me guessing all the way through to the last page. You think you know, then you don’t. I got so angry but so sad reading parts of the book. You get so involved in this family’s life. I was left guessing at the ending and wanted to know what happened next. It’s a truly fantastic read.

Before We Met

Another book that got me! I read it in about a week, I just couldn’t put it down. I was so curious to find out what was going on. It was definitely an ‘Oh My Gosh’ moment when I realised what was happening. Kept me guess all the way through. I felt sad, shocked and shouted at the book a couple of times near the end. It’s hard to review a book without giving everything away. Just read it, It’s brilliant. I even made a friend read it and she loved it as much as I did.

Gone Girl

My best friend recommended this to me so I was excited to read it. However, I really struggle to get passed one part of the book that seemed to drag and not go anywhere. Oh, how I regret not pursuing it!!! Yep, It’s one of those with the marker in it sat on the shelf! Then the film came out and I watched it. WOW! It really would have been fantastic to have read the book first. I will go back and read the book as I’ve been told the ending is slightly different.

The Beach

Yep, this is pretty old. I’ve watched the film too but glad I read the book first, what an adventure. I loved this book so much I was sad to end it. When I watched the film I almost felt like I knew the characters, they looked just as I’d made them in my mind. The setting was as I’d imagined too, although I was intrigued to see what the hostel looked like, that I struggle to set the scene, especially the fact they could look over and see into one another’s rooms. The book is so much better and definitely worth reading even if you’ve seen the film.


I know I’ve been quite vague but I don’t want to give them away. I will only review books that I honestly think are great reads and that I loved. I wish I read more often than I do, but sometimes I just can’t find the time.


Please leave me a comment if you can recommend any books you think I’d love to read, be great to hear your suggestions.


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