10 Facts About Me



The first fact about me is that I grew up on a Farm in the Devon countryside.  Up until I was 13 this was fine. Then I learnt there was a big wide world out there and I wanted to discover it. Plus I’m not an overall and wellies kinda of girl!


I had a twisted stomach when I was about 3 months old and had to be operated on to fix it. Afterward, up until I was about 14 I couldn’t eat anything high in fiber or that contained citric acid, which was almost every fruit except bananas. This meant no pies, yogurts, drinks, sweets. I grew a love for polos and toffee yogurts! The doctors said my scar from my operation would eventually end up under my armpit as I grew… It’s still in the same place…? It never bothers me and no-one has ever asked me about it, even though it’s about 7 inches long.


When I was 11 my teacher went to Canada on an exchange to another school. All the children in the school got paired up with another child from the Canadian school so we could become pen pals. My penpal was called Adria and we are the only ones who still write to each other 22 years later. I think I even still have her first letter somewhere! Canada was like another world to me at that age; I didn’t know if anything was the same as it was in the UK.  So many questions and so much to learn.


I have 7 tattoos and have 10 piercings. I’ve had about 17 piercings altogether but some I’ve taken out and others I’ve had to have re-pierced. The most painful one was the top of my ear, on BOTH occasions. My largest tattoo took around 3 hours which I had done in Aiya Napa. No, it wasn’t a drunk tattoo, I was there out of season so wasn’t quite the party capital I saw on Tv. It was very different in the cold light of day! (Although the Bedrock Inn do an amazing cocktail called ‘Pebbles’, I must have had about 6!) It was a planned tattoo because I wanted a cover up an existing tattoo, which was actually my first ever tattoo. I still liked it but it was just a little dated.  Anyway, I swore I’d never have another… the next day I had another. But I was very small one.


When I was 25 I quit my job, packed all my belonging in two suitcases and jump on a train to start a new life in London. Growing up in a quiet sleepy part of the world just wasn’t enough. My life consisted of going to work and then going home to watch tv. I didn’t have much of a social life as my 3 best friends had moved or were going to be moving away for uni and work and I just felt lost. The internet and mobile phones were very new to the world then, so it wasn’t like I could have started a blog or make a Youtube channel like now. Mobile phones only made calls or sent a 30-word text! No Safari yet!


My first time abroad was when I was 22, I went to the Greek island of Crete. This is where I discovered my love for seafood!


I learnt to cook at 11 and the first thing I properly made was Ravioli.  Yes, I even made the pasta; must be the Small bit of Italian in me! From that day I found a passion which is still with me to this day. I used to bake all the time, so much my family got sick of all the things I’d make. Theses days I’m more into savoury dishes and. I don’t tend to use recipe books, I love experimenting and make it up as I go along.


When I was 18 I had another operation. This time it was in the Oral and Maxillofacial department.  I’d been wearing braces for about a year to straighten my teeth, then I had the surgery. Stage one of the operation was to move 4 teeth, plus my 2 wisdom teeth that had not yet come through, this was to make space in my mouth as there was a lot of overcrowding. The pain from this op was the most pain I’ve felt ever! More so than the next part and even more than child birth!

The second part was to have my jaw broken and realigned. I had an overshot top jaw, they broke it, moved it back and then moved my bottom jaw forward, fixing it all back into place. I had my jaw wired together for about a month after and had to drink these special milkshakes through a straw. For me, this op was a life changer. I don’t have any photos of myself before this operation as it reminds me of how self-conscious I was before and how much it affected my confidence. I held back so much because of it. Overall the whole 5-year procedure, from start to finish was worth every single 100 plus, 30-mile trips to the hospital and back.


I’m tongue tied and can’t stick my tongue out. Random one I know. It has no real effect on my life though!


I gave birth to my now 4-year-old old son, who is mischievous but also has a quality little personality. He is like the ideal man, he helps me cook, makes the beds in the morning and even puts his washing in the machine, AND puts the loo seat down!  He is so much fun and also slightly nutty. Random fact: he won’t eat Salmon unless he has lemon to squeeze on it! He also has Down Syndrome, which means sometimes it takes him a little longer to understand things. No biggy.





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  1. I still love that Loukas won’t eat salmon with the lemon to squeeze on it…bless him! <3 xx

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