Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Masks

Garnier Super Hydrating Moisture Bomb Tissue Masks

I’ve never tried a tissue mask until I saw these and as a beauty fanatic, I really wanted to try them. My local store had them on offer so I grabbed one each of the different types.

First time I tried it, Yeh, I didn’t read the instructions and left the blue bit that you’re meant to take off, well, on. Then I wondered why it wasn’t sticking to my face very well, so once I’d peeled that outer blue layer off I managed to mold it to my face better!

The sheet has a gel-like covering and any excess gel I use on my neck, as there is quite a bit left in the packet. It’s really soothing on the skin and super comfortable to wear. I didn’t have to keep adjusting it, nor did it slide or peel off my face. I just sat back in my hot bubble bath and relaxed whilst the mask did its magic.

So the part you actually want to know… Did it actually make any difference? Well yes, It left my skin so soft and almost squeaky clean. I had no tightness, breakouts or irritation after using them.  Would I rebuy them? Yes, I would. I find some masks draw out the moisture from your skin, whereas these do the opposite. I love the feel of my skin after and my skin felt hydrated until the next day when I applied my daily moisturiser; and of course, they are fun to use.

They come in a few different  varieties for different skin needs:



Glow Revealing



I personally wanted to try them all. I wouldn’t say there is a huge difference between them, I guess it’s just personal preference.


Let me know in the comments what you think of these masks.

L’Oreal Fine Flowers Skincare

L’Oreal Fine Flowers

A couple weeks ago a decides to change up my skin care and try some new products. As my local Boots is so small and stock very little, I went online to see what was new. Soon I came across this new Fine Flowers range by L’Oreal.

The range is Rose and Jasmine, I’m not going to lie, the scent did put me off at first because usually, anything Rose makes me a little nauseous, but personally, I think the Jasmine comes through more; it actually smells so good and yet really fresh. It does specify that it’s for Dry/Sensitive skin, I’m oily, but works absolutely fine for me.

I picked up the Gel Cream Wash, which comes in a 150ml  tube, The Cleansing Cream, which comes in a 200ml tub and the Toner which comes in a massive 400ml bottle.

Gel Cream Wash with Muslin Cloth
The Routine

I’ve used these products every day for almost 2 weeks. Firstly I use a makeup wipe to remove my mascara, (there are wipes in the range also, but I was using up some others I’ve already opened) then I go in with the Fine Flowers range. I have been switching between the Gel Cream and the Cream, which I use with my Magnitone Cleansing Brush. If you don’t have a cleansing brush then I’d highly recommend one. Your face feels a whole new level of clean after using one! I’ve put a link to mine above, but there are more affordable ones around.

Then I just wipe away all the dirt and makeup with a damp muslin cloth. The products are great at removing all my makeup and leave my skin feeling so soft and polished. There is no tightness or residue left behind. I finish off by using the Toner on a large cotton pad. It’s a thicker consistency than I thought it would be, it’s somewhere in between a gel and water.

Cleansing Cream with my LE Magnitone Bareface Brush

I’ve had no breakouts since using the range. I actually had a bit of redness on my cheek before using the products, which have now gone. My skin is looking brighter, healthier and feels so soft.

Will I continue to use this product? Yes, 100%. It’s quick, easy and mess-free. My skin care routine was becoming a bit of a chore before, but now I actually get excited to take my face off. I think I prefer the Cleansing Cream, no real reason, It just feels more satisfying smearing it on my face and massaging it in (almost like a face mask) The Gel Cream would be better for travelling because of the packaging, which is the reason I grabbed it as well.

Fine Flowers Toner

Also in the range is a Cleansing Milk 400ml and Face Wipes which come in Dry/Sensitive and also Normal/Combination.

It is currently on offer in Boots with half price off, so I will leave links to the 3 products I used below.

L’Oreal Fine Flowers Cleansing Gel Wash

L’Oreal Fine Flowers Cleansing Cream

L’Oreal Fine Flower Toner 

Hope you found this review helpful!


Enjoy your day

*This is not a sponsored or paid post. All products were bought with my own money. All opinions are my own.


Life Update- Where Have I Been?

Hey Hey,

I just wanted to write a little post to let you know that I am still here, but I’ve had a little break from my Blog, YouTube channel and keeping up with the nightmare that is Instagram. Although I am loving Twitter atm! (Maybe because I don’t take it seriously).


Well, to be honest, I was getting so caught up in it all and putting unnecessary pressure on myself to post to a strict schedule that it was becoming unenjoyable. I now post as and when I want. It’s a hobby and I want it to remain that way. I needed to step back and take a sec.

It’s been over 4 weeks since I posted a YouTube video, yet my videos are still being viewed, by whom, I don’t know. It really means a lot that someone is actually watching though, and a little surreal. I was starting to get a little disheartened by videos with low view counts; those same videos are doing quite well now. It’s true when they say that it takes time for your channel to be seen. But regardless, I love creating videos, especially the editing, (not so much watching my awkward self) I’d love to get a more advanced editing software but for now, I’ll stick with what I have. Also, to all you lovely people who haven’t pressed the unsubscribe button even though I’ve put up no new content, Thank you; I was sure you would have thought “I’m outta here!”. Thanks for sticking around.

As for the blog, if I’m totally honest, I’ve just been uninspired and life has been busy. Sat here now typing away has reminded me of why I do this; because I enjoy it so much. I just get caught up sometimes and lose direction. Again, I’ve not written a post in a while, but I’ve looked at my stats today and 9 people have looked at my blog; 9 may seem like nothing to some people, but to little me, it’s amazing,  just to think that someone somewhere has taken time out of their day to click on a link to direct them to my page.

Instagram is a whole other story. I’ve had my account for just over a year and boy is it hard work! It’s not fun anymore. I have all these accounts that follow me that I know in a couple of days they will, yes, you guessed it, UNFOLLOW! Do these accounts not realize that most people have an app that tells them who’s unfollowed them? I have it for this very reason. If I genuinely like your account then I will follow you, but I certainly won’t unfollow you if you follow me back! I follow you because I want to see more. I just don’t have time for these follow/unfollow games anymore.


So that’s it really.

I will be back posting, but it will be once a week, I’d rather write one great post than many rushed posts. I will be uploading on my Youtube once a week as well, I just need to get myself organized! Watch this space.


Thanks again!!



May Favourites

May Favourites

This month I’ve also been trying a few new things, Yep I’ve been buying some new beauty products so some of these won’t be any surprises if you follow me on social media.


L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Overnight Elixir

I literally bought this on a recommendation by one of my favourite Youtubers, She ‘claimed’ to use it and her tan was like she’d been on a two week holiday to a somewhere exotic; All bronzed, natural and looking damn gorgeous! Now, when I say claim, I mean, she was recommending it as an AD, now we all know that sometimes people aren’t always honest when promoting something they are sponsored for, however, I believe this particular YouTuber to be pretty honest, so I gave it ago, along with the nice discount code she offered. Of course, she bonused out of it so it was win-win.

Now, when I say claim, I mean, she was recommending it as an AD, now we all know that sometimes people aren’t always ‘honest’ when promoting something they are sponsored for, however, I believe this particular YouTuber to be pretty ‘honest’, so I gave it ago, along with the nice discount code she offered. Of course, she bonused out of my purchase, which I don’t mind, it was win-win.

So as soon as it arrived, second time lucky (the first parcel was a box of brown covered smashed glass, smelt amazing though!) I prepped for my tanning session. It was so easy to apply as there is a colour guard and it glided on perfectly and dried really quickly. I woke up with possibly the most natural looking tan I’ve ever had. Don’t get me wrong, I love St Tropez, but this could possibly be better; Sorry St Tropez. 8 days after applying it and it’s still going strong, I can’t believe it!

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation

I’d wanted to try out a new drugstore foundation so after hearing good things about this one and seeing the natural glowy look it gave, I was sold. I’m almost 33 and although I am so lucky to have even, blemish free skin, I do however have fine lines, especially around my eyes. If you ever wonder why I rarely smile in photos, this is why; my crows feet are, horrendous! Wearing full coverage foundations in the day emphasizes this 10 fold, and wrinkles I never knew I had, appear! So this light coverage foundation is just perfect for me.

Mac Face and Body is very similar to this, minus the Vitamin C, and of course the price tag. It gives me the same dewy finish that is buildable. I also bought the matching concealer as well and is really good for fine lines, it really doesn’t settle into the under eye wrinkles and I find it hydrates my under eye and helps brighten.

Bronze Eyeshadows

Usually I’m all about a matte shadow, but lately, I’ve really been reaching for bronzy shades. Shades such as Mac Sable and On and On Bronze from Maybelline. I also love a couple shades from the Maybelline Blushed Nudes palette as well. But my go-to favourite shade has to be from the Sweet Peach palette, a shade called Caramelized. I use a fluffy brush to blend the colour all over my lid and into my crease, then using a flat brush to intensify it on my lid, it looks beautiful. Below I’ve swatched a few of my other current favs.


  • Maybelline Colour Tattoo- On and on Bronze
  • Modern Renaissance Palette – Antique Bronze
  • The Balm ‘Nude Dude- Funny
  • The Balm ‘Nude Dude- Firm
  • Too Faced ‘Sweet Peach Palette- Caramelized
  • Mac- Sable
  • Maybelline ‘The Blushed Nudes’ Shades 6 + 7
With Flash
Without Flash
OGX Argan Oil of Morocco Extra Strength In-Shower Oil

Oh my gosh! Where to start?! As you’ll know if you read my blog regularly, I love OGX Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner, in fact, I swear by it! So when I saw this oil I HAD to have it. It was on offer so I grabbed two for £10, instead of £8.35 each. This oil is the fricking gorgeous! I smoother my hair in it and my body. I really love putting it on wet skin in the shower, so much quicker than moisturising once I get out. Throughout the week I apply it to the ends of my hair after brushing it in the mornings, my hair drinks it up and my hair is left silky and shiny and I still only need to wash my hair once a week.  Did I mention it smells sooooo good? It really does.


Barry M Cosmic Lights Highlighter Palette

If I’m honest, I saw the packaging and I knew I’d like what was inside. I was right! Lucky really as my local Boots only had one of these palettes in stock.  I swatched the tester and there were at least 4 of the 6 shades that I didn’t own individually or in any other palettes. I love that there is a mix of creams and powders. Sometimes I love to use all creams and pass on any powders. This should go against all rules with oily skin, but I find if I use an oil control setting spray, I don’t get the ‘oil slick’ look. My favourite shade in this palette is the golden bronze cream, If you know me, I doubt you are surprised.

Yankee Candle Wax Tartlet in Soft Cotton

There’s something so good about this scent, I have it burning in a holder in my kitchen, so when I walk in from another room it hits me. I hate my kitchen smelling all foody, so this hides the odours and also fills the room with the fragrance of fresh of the line washing.

Topshop Vest Dress

This dress! I bought it about a month ago and every time the sun comes out, I’m in it! It’s perfect as it’s ideal for daytime. I’m a couple cms short of 6ft, so a lot of dresses come short on me, I just cant do short; yanking down a dress constantly irritates the hell out of me. So when I saw this midi bodycon V-neck vest dress hanging right in my sight line in Topshop, I didn’t hesitate to grab it. I love it! The length, the colour and the neckline. It’s nice to show a bit of boob especially as it covers everything downwards.

Songs Of The Month
  • Cheat Codes No Promises ft Demi Lovato.
  • It Aint Me- Kygo & Selena Gomez


That’s about it for this month. Nothing on TV has really grabbed my attention and no amazing foods to share with you.

Enjoy June! It’s my birthday month, just incase you didn’t know 😜




Quick Makeup Routine For After The Pool

Quick Makeup Routine For After The Pool


Recently I started going swimming again once a week. If you are anything like me and you like your makeup, then you probably like to wear something just make you feel a little more, radiant. Because I’m so used to a  bit of makeup, I feel I look a little odd without it, eyelashes especially.


The Quick Routine

Before I leave the house I moisturise my face and because I have light brown eyelashes I pop on a bit of waterproof mascara (Mac In Extreme Dimension), so they match my hair colour, then that’s me done. It stays on during my swim so no need to reapply afterwards.


There is something quite liberating about going fresh faced. I’m not going to lie I did use to wear a full face but when you get out and look in the mirror to see you look like you’ve been watching too many chick flicks then it’s probably best to go without.

After I’ve been swimming I moisturise my face again, but this time I add a little liquid highlighter mixed in with it. I’ve been using the Rimmel Good To Glow in Soho Glow with my Body Shop Skin Defense which has SPF50 in it. The highlighter gives a nice healthy glow. Because I’m all about that ‘extra’ glow, I add a little Maybelline Master Strobe Stick in Medium 200. I just add this to the high points of my cheeks, down my nose and on my cupids bow.


I then brush my brows with a little clear brow gel from Rimmel (Brow this way) to set them in place.

Next, I pop on some Mac Lip Conditioner to hydrate my lips and I’m all done.

I don’t put on a full face after my swim, because one, I don’t want to be taking lots of makeup out with me, and two, trying to put a full face on whilst keeping an eye on a  4-year-old running around the changing room is a bit of a nightmare!


What is your makeup routine when you go swimming? Do you go for a full waterproof face or just go au naturel?




Handbag Essentials

Handbag Essentials

In a previous post, I wrote about the bag of my dreams. See Here. I’d been in search of the perfect bag for a while and finally found this one from Micheal Kors. It was a splurge, yes, but I wanted something I knew I wouldn’t get bored of, that was the right size and the perfect colour to wear with ANY outfit. This was it.

Love This Beaut

Obviously, The first thing I keep in my bag is my purse. It is a little worn but it’s done well as I have had it almost 3 years now! I bought it from Bershka when I went to Cyprus on holiday. It’s nice and big and of course, pink. Purses that zip all the way around so nothing can fall out work better for me. This purse is ideal because if I need to pop to the shop without taking my bag, then my mobile and keys fit in nicely as well.

My Pink Love

I don’t carry a makeup bag with me as I tend to just set my makeup before I leave and it always stays put. I’d never redo my whole face when I’m out so I prefer to keep everything at home. A must though, is my Blotterazzi by Beautyblender just in case I get oily around my T-zone and need to dab it away. It also has a handy little mirror inside the lid so I can use this to reapply lippy as well… I always take my lip products in case I eat or drink and need to touch up my lips. This includes my Mac Prep+Prime Lip (the best primer to apply before any lip product), a lip liner, gloss and lipstick.

Oily Gals Knoooooow!

I carry a zillion hair ties, clips, bobby pins, and elastics. Just in case! Just in case what? I don’t know…Just in case.

My First Aid Beauty Face Spray lives in my bag for moments when I need a refresh and give my skin a little drink.

Antibac hand gel is a must, I currently have the Carex Bubblegum one. It smells yummy and saves me from bugs if I eat out. Another hand product I carry is my Coconut Island Hand Cream. It’s the best hand cream I’ve ever used, not only does it smells like a tropical island, but it hydrates my hands leaving them soft with a protective layer. I wrote a post about this Treaclemoon range HERE.

Hand + Face

When it comes to perfume, I don’t like taking a whole bottle just in case it smashes, so I take an atomizer, with a favourite fragrance in it. I have Chanel Chance Eau Tendre in it at the moment. Such a gorgeous scent.

Being a contact lenses wearer, I like to keep some Blinks Intensive Tears pipettes with me in case my eyes feel dry. They are better than the bottles of drops because the bottles have a 3-month shelf life whereas the pipettes are individual and last about 3 years.

After eating or drinking I like to make sure I have fresh breath (as I’m sure everyone else around me does as well!) so I always carry gum with me, usually, Wrigley’s Extra Spearmint. I also have a little ‘Hello’ Mouth Spray. 

Be Prepared!

Now that bags are 5p I’d rather have my own, so why not have a fun little fold away bag. I got this cute one from Paperchase. It has its own little pouch so keeps neat and doesn’t take up much space.

The last things I carry are baby wipes and tissues. Any mum of young kids knows this drill. Kids, get, messy! Wipes are essential! You just don’t leave the house without them; If you do, you’re screwed! They also come in handy when you’ve been makeup shopping and have a million swatches all over your hands!

A Must!

Oh! and I nearly forgot that I keep a notebook and pen in my bag (it was hiding!) for the moments when an awesome idea pops into my mind, and for anyone who asks for a pen and paper! This notebook was also from Paperchase. Can you tell I love Paperchase?!

For Big Ideas

Obviously, I take my car keys and my house keys but that’s pretty standard. Although I’m quite impressed with my little keyring selection I have going on right now. I wouldn’t go anywhere without my sunnies either, they are from Quay Australia- available at Asos. One, because I love them, and two, because I can’t see without them because my eyes are so sensitive. If it’s a sunny or a bright day, they just water and it’s not that pleasant.

Keep Calm, Smile And Ride A Unicorn, After All, You Are Wonder Woman Wearing A Guess FlipFlop!


What are your essentials??


10 Facts About Me

10 Facts About Me



The first fact about me is that I grew up on a Farm in the Devon countryside.  Up until I was 13 this was fine. Then I learnt there was a big wide world out there and I wanted to discover it. Plus I’m not an overall and wellies kinda of girl!


I had a twisted stomach when I was about 3 months old and had to be operated on to fix it. Afterward, up until I was about 14 I couldn’t eat anything high in fiber or that contained citric acid, which was almost every fruit except bananas. This meant no pies, yogurts, drinks, sweets. I grew a love for polos and toffee yogurts! The doctors said my scar from my operation would eventually end up under my armpit as I grew… It’s still in the same place…? It never bothers me and no-one has ever asked me about it, even though it’s about 7 inches long.


When I was 11 my teacher went to Canada on an exchange to another school. All the children in the school got paired up with another child from the Canadian school so we could become pen pals. My penpal was called Adria and we are the only ones who still write to each other 22 years later. I think I even still have her first letter somewhere! Canada was like another world to me at that age; I didn’t know if anything was the same as it was in the UK.  So many questions and so much to learn.


I have 7 tattoos and have 10 piercings. I’ve had about 17 piercings altogether but some I’ve taken out and others I’ve had to have re-pierced. The most painful one was the top of my ear, on BOTH occasions. My largest tattoo took around 3 hours which I had done in Aiya Napa. No, it wasn’t a drunk tattoo, I was there out of season so wasn’t quite the party capital I saw on Tv. It was very different in the cold light of day! (Although the Bedrock Inn do an amazing cocktail called ‘Pebbles’, I must have had about 6!) It was a planned tattoo because I wanted a cover up an existing tattoo, which was actually my first ever tattoo. I still liked it but it was just a little dated.  Anyway, I swore I’d never have another… the next day I had another. But I was very small one.


When I was 25 I quit my job, packed all my belonging in two suitcases and jump on a train to start a new life in London. Growing up in a quiet sleepy part of the world just wasn’t enough. My life consisted of going to work and then going home to watch tv. I didn’t have much of a social life as my 3 best friends had moved or were going to be moving away for uni and work and I just felt lost. The internet and mobile phones were very new to the world then, so it wasn’t like I could have started a blog or make a Youtube channel like now. Mobile phones only made calls or sent a 30-word text! No Safari yet!


My first time abroad was when I was 22, I went to the Greek island of Crete. This is where I discovered my love for seafood!


I learnt to cook at 11 and the first thing I properly made was Ravioli.  Yes, I even made the pasta; must be the Small bit of Italian in me! From that day I found a passion which is still with me to this day. I used to bake all the time, so much my family got sick of all the things I’d make. Theses days I’m more into savoury dishes and. I don’t tend to use recipe books, I love experimenting and make it up as I go along.


When I was 18 I had another operation. This time it was in the Oral and Maxillofacial department.  I’d been wearing braces for about a year to straighten my teeth, then I had the surgery. Stage one of the operation was to move 4 teeth, plus my 2 wisdom teeth that had not yet come through, this was to make space in my mouth as there was a lot of overcrowding. The pain from this op was the most pain I’ve felt ever! More so than the next part and even more than child birth!

The second part was to have my jaw broken and realigned. I had an overshot top jaw, they broke it, moved it back and then moved my bottom jaw forward, fixing it all back into place. I had my jaw wired together for about a month after and had to drink these special milkshakes through a straw. For me, this op was a life changer. I don’t have any photos of myself before this operation as it reminds me of how self-conscious I was before and how much it affected my confidence. I held back so much because of it. Overall the whole 5-year procedure, from start to finish was worth every single 100 plus, 30-mile trips to the hospital and back.


I’m tongue tied and can’t stick my tongue out. Random one I know. It has no real effect on my life though!


I gave birth to my now 4-year-old old son, who is mischievous but also has a quality little personality. He is like the ideal man, he helps me cook, makes the beds in the morning and even puts his washing in the machine, AND puts the loo seat down!  He is so much fun and also slightly nutty. Random fact: he won’t eat Salmon unless he has lemon to squeeze on it! He also has Down Syndrome, which means sometimes it takes him a little longer to understand things. No biggy.




Contact Lenses- The Questions Everyone Asks

I get so many questions about wearing contact lenses, so I thought I’d run through some of the most common questions I get.

  • Can you feel the lens in your eye? If your lens fits properly they should fit comfortably on your eyes. I only ever feel slight irritation if I’m dehydrated or have worn them for a longer time than recommended.
  • How to you know the lens is the right way around? The lens should be a perfect half circle. If the lens has a lip, it’s the wrong way around.
Wrong Way – Slight Lip
Correct Way – No Lip


  • Does it feel strange touching your eyeball with your finger?  Well no, I don’t actually touch my eyeball as the lens is between my finger and eyeball. It’s really comfortable putting the lens in.
  • Do you get scared you may lose the lens in your eye? No, It actually can’t go anywhere. If it does decide to move from your iris then it’s usually due to you rubbing your eye, which you’d want to avoid doing anyway because you can damage the lens as well as your actual eye. Mine have moved on occasions but the lens will end up falling out so I blink and let it drop into my hand.
  • What if a lens falls out when you are out? So far this has never happened to me. You can always pop your glasses or a spare pair into your handbag just in case.
  • Is it difficult to remove lenses? When I first wore lens I did find it a little tricky, but once you find a technique its so quick and easy. The important thing is to take your time. Your eyes are really delicate so you need to be careful and gentle.
  • Can you put in/remove lenses with false nails? Yes, of course. Again you just need to take your time. When I have long nails I just position the lens on a slightly different area of my finger so I avoid my nail poking me. Remember it’s really important to wash your hands before touching your lenses or your eyes.
  • What if it breaks in your eye? This has only happened to me once. It just fell out like I explained if your lens moves in your eye. Just pop in a new lens.

I’ve been wearing lenses for about 16 years now and I’ve got on absolutely fine with them. If you have thought about getting them instead of wearing glasses, speak to your local Opticians, as most will give you a free trial and show you how to put them in, take them out and how to care for your lenses.

Tip: Make sure if you are handling Chilies, make sure you wash your hands VERY well after. Chili Peppers and eyeballs do not mix! Also, did you know that wearing contact lenses whilst chopping onions actually prevents you from crying?


Hope this post was helpful.

How To Create Hygge In Your Home

Before this year I’d never really heard of Hygge (Hu-guh), or to be “hyggelig”. It first entered my life during a girly weekend where I meet up with two of my best friends for the first time after Christmas to exchange gifts. One of the gifts that good given was ‘The little book of Hygge’, The Danish way to live well. I was intrigued what it was all about.

Later that evening when the day had long gone and it was dark and cold as it is typically in January, we were curled up on the sofa with fluffy blankets and copious amounts of green tea, the table lamp radiating a warm, soft glow and the many candles I lit were flickering against their background. The words “It’s very Hygge in here” appeared from the silence. Hygge? What was this I wondered again, what did she mean? Apparently, it means to be cosy and have a warm happy feeling from within that you get from good surroundings, a nice ambiance and with the company you are in. ‘cosiness of the soul’.  It was definitely that. The word Hygge originates from the Norwegian word meaning ‘well-being’.

Hyggelig/Hyggeligt (nice/cosy)

There is a lot more to Hygge than just blankets and tea, but you get the idea. A good example of Hygge is when it’s raining outside and you are inside all warm and snug just watching the rain fall knowing you are all warm and dry. A log cabin with a wood fire is very Hygge, it’s cosy and warm and the flames give off the perfect amount of light.

I decided to buy the book myself to get more of an idea. I read the book on a train journey, half to my destination, and the other half on the way home. I could not put the book down. I could relate to so many parts of the book. 85% of Danes associate burning candles with Hygge. They burn them at work, at school, as well as at home. If you’ve kept up with most of my previous posts, then you’ll know I am obsessed with candles, I burn them every day. If I’m just at home I’ll have some lit. You’d never catch me sitting down relaxing of an evening without a candle burning. It doesn’t even have to be a scented one, just the light of the flame makes me smile from within. Something so warming about a glow from a candle. I just didn’t know this feeling from burning a candle had an actual name!

To create more Hygge I also love big scatter cushions, fairy lights, and chunky blankets. Hygge is about a feeling, so for me, that’s how I create it. I even have a little corner on my sofa in my living room where I feel most snug. I always usher anyone away who tries to take that spot. If I sit anywhere else I just don’t get the same cosiness as I do in that particular area.

Hygge doesn’t have to be just at home thought. If I go to a coffee shop and there is a nice sofa where you can sit back and maybe kick off your shoes, chat with a friend over a nice hot drink in a warm ambiance, that’s Hygge as well. Making comfort food is Hygge; In the Winter having a nice hearty warming stew and chunky homemade bread or a cake baking and having the smell fill your home, then of course eating it.

‘The Cosy Spot’

Danes are said to be some of the happiest people in Europe, hard to believe when their climate is so bleak. I’ve never been a fan of the cold dreary weather we have in the UK, but after reading this book, I’ve learnt ways of overcoming it through creating Hygge and it has definitely helped. If you haven’t read this book I would highly recommend it. It will even look great on your coffee table!

Now, who’s for a hot chocolate??


Let me know how you create Hygge in your home?


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Does The Weather Determine Your Outfit?

Lately, I’ve been struggling when comes to what to wear, mainly because of the weather, yes, I said it again, the damn weather. It really does make an impact on what to wear. I’m actually sat here wrapped in a blanket as I’m typing this.  I absolutely hate being cold so for me I seem to gravitate to warm clothes, which usually consist of leggings, a big fluffy hoodie, and a warm jacket. What I really want to wear is a nice dress or skirt with a cute little top, bare legged. Nope, not in the UK. (I’ve tried to love tights, I just can’t). Usually, I just wear the same old boring, non-adventurous garms. I grab a pair of battered old trainers as I fly out the door because let’s face it, its probably going to rain so let’s avoid ruining those gorgeous new sandals with the bright pom poms and the pretty tassels and accept that other than the two weeks of summer (80-85 degrees max) we get a year, it’s about dressing for the weather and not the occasion.

So last week I decided that in order to help me be a little more organised and not have the weather dictate how I’m going to dress, I had a massive wardrobe clear out. I had so many items that I say to myself I’ll wear but still haven’t since the last time I said: “I might wear it”. I really won’t, so just get rid! It did feel good to clear out the ‘maybes’ and ‘definitely nots’. 90% of these items I’d bought for ‘summer’ then summer never comes.

I used to keep my summer clothes in one wardrobe and winter clothes in the other. What a waste of wardrobe! Now I’ve split, Bottoms Tops, Jumpers, Coats and Jackets in one, then day/evening dresses and skirts and shorts in the other. Now it’s much more organised and so much easier to see what is what.  Jumpers and coats dominate my wardrobe! I wish it was bikinis and summer dresses!! Now I can try to plan stylish outfits that I want to wear which also work for the cold and wet weather.

I also find its shopping this time of year is kind of hit and miss, all the shops stock the gorgeous ‘summer’ pieces because we simply don’t have the climate to wear them, so it’s never worth buying just to wear one or twice. I only ever buy summer clothes if I’m planning a trip away to a hot country. When I am abroad and the weather is warm and sunny, outfit choosing is so simple and effortless that I don’t even need to think about what I’m going to wear. I take minimal outfits and it’s so easy to forget about all my other clothes back at home in my wardrobe. So for me, a hot climate makes dressing so simple and effortless. I really do get photo envy when I see my Instagram feed full of sunshine and summer clothes. I get so inspired then look out the window and cry a little inside. Haha, no I don’t really, I’m already looking up where to buy the outfit! Which will probably then end up in the ‘maybe’ pile. Damn it! I bet I’m not the only one that has a ‘hopefully it will be hot enough to wear it’ section in their wardrobe?


How do you plan your wardrobe to suit the climate? Does the wear determine your outfit?