Maybelline Tattoo Brow. Does It Really Work?

Maybelline Tattoo Brow


Maybelline has recently brought out this new ‘Easy peel off tint’ called Brow Tattoo. I immediately thought, what an amazing idea! Available in 3 shades in the UK, light brown, medium brown and dark brown. I believe it is available in an extra shade called grey-brown, but not here in the UK. I searched everywhere for dark brown but I could only get my hands on medium brown, so that’s what I rolled with.  Now if you’re someone like me who has dark hair, well black hair but about 10 brow hairs, you probably need a little help in the brow department. Listen, I wouldn’t leave the house without my brow done unless I’d freshly tinted them; I look expressionless without brows, not to mention, kind of odd.

Now if you’re someone like me who has dark hair, well black hair but about 10 brow hairs, you probably need a little help in the brow department. Listen, I wouldn’t leave the house without my brow done unless I’d freshly tinted them; I look expressionless without brows, not to mention, kind of odd.

I was keen to try this product, but after seeing another girl on Youtube try the medium brown and her brows turn red, I started to worry, thinking that I’d need the dark brown. But I decided to try it, it fades in 3 days so it will be fine.

The Application

The packaging reminds me of lash glue, and the formula isn’t too dissimilar, But it’s easy enough to apply. I put a small amount of the product with the applicator in the middle of my brow then used an angled brush to disperse the product and shape my brown like I would if I was applying something like a pomade, you can always build up the product. I used a tiny amount at the front of my brow as I prefer an ombre effect brow, rather than a harsh block brow. After about 20 minutes you peel off the dried PVA-like glue (remember from school) starting from the inner brow and it comes off so easily; Kind of satisfying too.

My brows were brown, with a slight red undertone which wasn’t terrible, but I definitely need to try the dark brown. I decided to do the application again to see if I would get them even darker, they did go slightly darker, but nothing too obvious.

Would I repurchase this product? Hell yes!!! (but in the correct shade, because I was just too eager to try it) I will still do my brows when I go out, but when I have no makeup days, I will feel a whole lot better and confident seeing my reflection with brows on my face.  It makes a HUGE difference. I’ve often considered microblading, but if this is the next best thing, then I’ll take it.  It’s so much quicker and less messy than a tinting kit.


This is a brilliant product for those of us who have light, sparse or no brows. You can chuck in your makeup bag and do your brows just before you go out. They may need to add in some more shades which would be good, but for now, Maybelline, you’ve done well!

I found mine at Superdrug, but it’s also available at Boots. I’ve put a link for you if you want to go try it for yourself.


Let me know if it works for you?


September Favourites

Things I’ve Been Loving This Month


Too Faced Hangover Primer

 I used to only use this occasionally as it’s quite pricey, £29 to be exact for 38g, but after having it for a while, I decided I probably need to use it before it expires and have to throw it away. It doubles up as a moisturiser and a primer. The coconut water in it really hydrates your skin leaving it looking radiant and well moisturised. I’ve definitely noticed a huge difference in the texture of my skin since using it every day. Also when I thought I’d come to the end of the tube, I still managed to squeeze out another two weeks worth. You literally need a pea-sized amount and that is plenty.


L’Oreal Fine Flowers Cleansing Cream 

I bought the range of the Fine Flowers collection a few months ago and I’ve been really impressed with it. So much so that I stocked up on it. My favourite is the Cleansing Cream which you rub over your makeup, no need to wet your face or anything first, then massage it in to break up the makeup. I use it on my eyes to remove my mascara and I have zero irritation. It removes my mascara like an absolute dream. I take two large cotton pad and wipe away. My skin feels so clean and fresh with no traces of eye makeup. It’s mess free which I love. Did I mention the fragrance?! It’s very light but gorgeous. I follow by the toner which is a massive bottle and I’m not even a third of a way through! You can check out my post about the range HERE


Missguided Studded Grey Boots 

I saw Blogger/YouTuber Naomi Victoria wearing these and it was instant love! I love grey boots. The studs on these gave them the perfect edge and I love the denim material. The chunky heel makes them so comfy to wear and are the perfect winter boot to wear with both dresses and jeans. How beautiful are they?!

Topshop Jamie Skinny Ripped Jeans 

These are quite a new addition to my wardrobe. I’ve dropped a size so a lot of my jeans aren’t so skinny anymore. I love Topshop jeans, the quality, style and most importantly, length. I’m 5’11” so having the option of 34” and 36” leg is great for us tall girls. Long lengths really are limited when buying jeans and trousers. A few other places like River Island, Asos and Missguided offer a tall range but I know with Topshop, I get what I pay for, great quality! I don’t think I’ve ever worn out a pair of jeans from Topshop. Although these may be a first because I want to wear them all the time!


Stormzy Album – Gang Signs & Prayer

This album is all I’ve been playing in my car atm. Some albums I listen to just a few songs then skip to the best ones; not with this one, I love every track. I’ve been a Stormzy fan from day one and he’s actually from Thornton Heath, which was my first address when I move to South London. My favourite track from the album is track 10- Blinded by your grace Part 2 (Feat. Mnek) It’s such a beautiful song.


Costa Soya Latte with Sugar-Free Caramel 

I’m not dairy intolerant or anything, but I do choose to drink coconut, almond and soya milk just out of preference. I always have soya milk when I drink from Costa or Starbucks, I find it so much richer than dairy. It’s only been recently that I tried sugar-free caramel and It’s sooooo good. I don’t take sugar in the hot drinks so this sugar-free alternative is perfect and I really don’t know why I didn’t try it sooner! Saying that I do love this time of year when the Pumpkin Spice comes out and then all the Christmas drinks. I’m pretty excited about them tbh!


Have a wonderful October and I’ll see you the same time next month …Or perhaps a little earlier!




Top 5 Favourite Liquid Lipsticks For Autumn/Winter

Top 5 Favourite Liquid Lipsticks For Autumn/Winter

Now that Autumn is here, I love switching my lip colour from my usual pastel nudes to the darker deeper and richer shades. I definitely think a dark lip suits me better; It also makes my lips look fuller, which I love.  When it comes to a dark lip I feel safer with a liquid lipstick as I know it won’t end up all over my face and teeth, as they dry down. During the cooler months, it’s important to prep your lips so they don’t crack and dry out. A good lip scrub will give a perfect application, followed by a lip conditioner before applying the liquid colour.

These are my top five favourites:

Kat Von D Lolita 

It’s a creamy formula which glides over lips like a gloss and sets to a true matte finish. I love this lipstick because It doesn’t crack on my lips or make my lips feel tight. It’s so comfortable and the colour is absolutely gorgeous. It sats on even after eating and drinking, with little need for touch-ups. I seem to be reaching for this one the most.


Barry M Matte Me Up in Embellish 

It’s a non-drying, ultra-long wearing formula is easy to apply. It’s a very similar formula to the Kat Von D lipstick. This is a beautiful purple shade which offers the perfect pop of colour. It’s comfortable on the lips and long wearing. You need to put on two coats to get an even colour, but that’s a minor for such a beautiful lipstick.


NYX Soft Matte Cream in Copenhagen 

This is described as a deep plum, but I’d say it was more Raspberry. The formula is creamy on the lips and is a more of a satin finish and doesn’t dry completely matte. I find the NYX soft mattes really comfortable and I’ve not had any problems with transfer even though they don’t dry down. The colour in the tube isn’t the same as the packaging, so if you think you are buying a dark lip colour, then this is the actual shade inside.


Kylie Matte Liquid Lipstick in Pumpkin 

I fell in love with this shade last year and was my go-to lip shade. I’ve never seen a shade like it; It’s a dirty mid-tone orange. It comes with a lip pencil as its part of a kit, but I don’t always use the pencil. The lipstick is comfortable and feels hydrating to wear. It definitely works better with a tan as it can wash me out when I’m paler.


NYX Liquid Suede in Sandstorm 

I had wanted this shade for the longest time but it was sold out for what seemed to be forever.  Every time I went to the NYX counter is was the only shade to be unavailable. It applies very similarly to the soft matte creams but it dries to a velvet finish. I love it because it’s a cool toned colour which works perfectly with the Winter months.


What are your favourite liquid lipsticks for Autumn/Winter?

I know some people aren’t so keen on liquid lipsticks, so I’ll also do a top 5 favourite regular lipsticks for Autumn/Winter as well. So keep a look out for the post.


L-R Kat Von D Lolita, NYX Suede Sandstorm, Kylie Pumpkin, BarryM Embellish, NYX Copenhagen

The Perfect Winter Boot


It’s all about the print…

Autumn/Winter is fast approaching; actually, it feels like it’s been here for a while, but hey, let’s embrace it! It’s time to wrap up warm, which also means, It’s time to find the perfect boot. I’ve literally been on the search for a pair of Leopard Print Chelsea boots for a few years now, but none have jumped out at me, that is, until now.

I love a flat boot on days where I’m running around with lots to do and don’t want to worry about my feet being unhappy. These leather pony-hair boots are absolutely gorgeous. The colour is perfect and the studded detail around the rim of the sole gives the boots a nice finishing touch. They are super easy to pull on and go with a ton of outfits;

I want these boots to be durable in the rain; It rains too much in the UK, so good protector will help to prolong the wear.

I’ll probably wear them mostly with my Topshop Joni jeans or a warm pair of leggings, a tee and my black leather jacket,  then on cooler days, I’ll throw on a chunky knit jumper, scarf and beanie hat. I think a bright jacket would work really well with these as well and also they would look cute with a dress and knitted tights.

Shop them at River Island for £65 HERE

Look out for upcoming outfit posts that I am going to be introducing to my blog.

June Favourites

This month has been another month of trying new bits and I have a few new products that I want to review soon as I already love them and obvs need to share with you! It’s a bit of a long list of favourites this month. I’ve just been excited about a lot of products as you can see. So grab a snack and get comfy before you start!


Makeup favourites have been my Bourjois CC Cream. It’s a wonder product, You need the tiniest of an amount and it hides redness, dark circles, and any other imperfections. I never need to use a concealer with it, only if I want to brighten and highlight. It’s lightweight, my skin looks like I have nothing on and my complexion is flawless. I bought the foundation version of it and it was no comparison, not even close. Sadly I won’t ever use it. This has SPF 15, so it protects you from those harmful rays and claims to have 24-hour hydration, I’ve not worn it for 24 hours, who does? But for the duration I have worn it, it definitely is hydrating.

Bourjois CC Cream in Bronze

My next beauty favourite is one that I’ve mentioned before, Sorry! Mac lip liner in Stripdown, paired with Mac Peachstock. It’s just the perfect lip combo and it just suits me and any eye look I do. I just can’t seem to move away from it. It’s a satin finish lipstick which is so comfortable on the lips and doesn’t feel at all drying. I always use Mac Prep and Prime lip base first and it’s amazing. Yes, you can use lip balm but I find liners just don’t apply the same with a random lip balm. This lip base helps your products go on perfect. It’s £14 but I’ve had mine for months and use it every day.

Mac Lips

I have two regular Tangle Teasers already, one I bought, and the other a gift. My hair is thick and gets quite knotty so I find them hard to use. However, I bought the one that has a handle and its made my life so much easier. I first saw another YouTuber using one and thought to myself “That’s what I need!”. My hair would be a matted mess without it!

Tangle Free Hair

Rimmel Stay Matte is my next favourite. Everyone one, well, every blogger/beauty guru says it’s wonderful. I kept thinking “really? Is it really THAT good?”.  So I bought it, it wasn’t like it was expensive, and you know what, I’ve used it every day since. It’s lightweight and you can look close up at your face and you will see ZERO powder. My t-zone has never been so oil free. So yes, it really IS that good!

One Of The Best Affordable Powders

My go to highlighter at the moment is Beaming Blush by Mac. It’s a pinky shade that looks gold on the skin. It’s not a blinding highlight but when it catches the light it looks so pretty and it gives the most beautiful glow. It blends out perfectly using a fan brush; or if I want a more intense look, I use my finger.

Mac Beaming Blush

Now that it’s finally got a little warmer here in the UK, my Coconut Oil has now become soft enough for me to be able to use without digging it out and breaking all my nails! It’s my favourite way to moisturise but unfortunately, it’s not much use in a solidified state, so I can only really use it in the Summer months. It’s so nourishing on the skin whilst leaving a healthy looking glow. It’s especially amazing for anyone with dry skin. After moisturising, any leftover product I have on my hands, I run through my hair. I grab mine from Superdrug and stock up when it’s on offer.

Holy Grail Beauty Product

A new product that I picked up is the Rimmel #Insta Fix & Go 2in1 Primer and Setting Spray. Not only does it smell of cucumbers but it actually does a great job of locking in my makeup. I’ve used it every day for about 2 weeks and I’m actually impressed. It dries almost instantly, unlike with my other setting sprays which I have to fan my face, but with this I just spray and I’m done. It’s oil free which is great for oily girls like me; My face stays oil and shine free ALL day with this. Combined with the Stay Matte Powder, they are a perfect pair. I’ve been using NYX setting spray for a long time now and I feel I’ve found something that I think is actually better. Sorry NYX!


I’ve wanted Benefits Galiforina ever since it came out (It is/was on my Wishlist) It’s so my colour! But I waited, and it paid off because I was given a discount code with £5 off, so it was rude not to use it, hey? I’m sure many of you have it and are as happy with it as I am. It’s stayed centre stage on my vanity ever since as I use it every day. The majority of my blushes are orange toned as it’s just what suits me best. Can we just take a moment to appreciate the scent… OMGosh! Sooooo beautiful! And as for the packaging, well, it just screams Summer.

Sooooo Pretty!

For any of you who wear contact lenses, this one’s for you. Blink have just come out with a new Hydrating Eye Mist. Most sprays you can’t use with hard or soft lenses, you can only use drops. I bought this before we had the lovely weather here in the UK and I can tell you now, these drops were liiiiiife! They were so soothing for dry eyes and they have a cooling sensation which is literally the best feeling. You spray them directly into your eyes and they don’t make your eyes water OR smudge your makeup. They are more on the pricey side, but they last 90 days. I also wrote a post on FAQ on wearing Contact Lenses that you can check out HERE

Thank Goodness For These

The last beauty product is one that I’ve had for a few years but I’ve only just started using again. It’s a large fan brush that I bought from eBay. I originally bought it to use with a highlight, but I didn’t realise it was as big as it is until it arrived. I’ve recently dug it out again and have been using it to apply my bronzer. I love the finish it gives, my bronzer blends out flawlessly and makes my face look naturally bronzed as there are no harsh lines. I think the brush itself was £1.50 and is great quality for such a cheap brush. It washes so well and is ridiculously soft.

eBay Special

That’s it! Yay! if you made it this far.

Just one last thing…

I think the whole nation is watching Love Island. So I had to mention it. I’m loving this series! I always have to follow the action on Twitter as well. Who else does this? I’m really enjoying this year, although I really enjoyed last years too; I just love the programme! Big Brother has gone down hill in my opinion. I’m usually such a fan, but now there is no real difference between the celebrity version and the ‘normal’ people; Everyone has already been in something else I feel I already know about these people and takes the fun away from it.

Can’t wait to see what unfolds in the two villas!


Thanks for reading and have an amazing day.


May Favourites

May Favourites

This month I’ve also been trying a few new things, Yep I’ve been buying some new beauty products so some of these won’t be any surprises if you follow me on social media.


L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Overnight Elixir

I literally bought this on a recommendation by one of my favourite Youtubers, She ‘claimed’ to use it and her tan was like she’d been on a two week holiday to a somewhere exotic; All bronzed, natural and looking damn gorgeous! Now, when I say claim, I mean, she was recommending it as an AD, now we all know that sometimes people aren’t always honest when promoting something they are sponsored for, however, I believe this particular YouTuber to be pretty honest, so I gave it ago, along with the nice discount code she offered. Of course, she bonused out of it so it was win-win.

Now, when I say claim, I mean, she was recommending it as an AD, now we all know that sometimes people aren’t always ‘honest’ when promoting something they are sponsored for, however, I believe this particular YouTuber to be pretty ‘honest’, so I gave it ago, along with the nice discount code she offered. Of course, she bonused out of my purchase, which I don’t mind, it was win-win.

So as soon as it arrived, second time lucky (the first parcel was a box of brown covered smashed glass, smelt amazing though!) I prepped for my tanning session. It was so easy to apply as there is a colour guard and it glided on perfectly and dried really quickly. I woke up with possibly the most natural looking tan I’ve ever had. Don’t get me wrong, I love St Tropez, but this could possibly be better; Sorry St Tropez. 8 days after applying it and it’s still going strong, I can’t believe it!

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation

I’d wanted to try out a new drugstore foundation so after hearing good things about this one and seeing the natural glowy look it gave, I was sold. I’m almost 33 and although I am so lucky to have even, blemish free skin, I do however have fine lines, especially around my eyes. If you ever wonder why I rarely smile in photos, this is why; my crows feet are, horrendous! Wearing full coverage foundations in the day emphasizes this 10 fold, and wrinkles I never knew I had, appear! So this light coverage foundation is just perfect for me.

Mac Face and Body is very similar to this, minus the Vitamin C, and of course the price tag. It gives me the same dewy finish that is buildable. I also bought the matching concealer as well and is really good for fine lines, it really doesn’t settle into the under eye wrinkles and I find it hydrates my under eye and helps brighten.

Bronze Eyeshadows

Usually I’m all about a matte shadow, but lately, I’ve really been reaching for bronzy shades. Shades such as Mac Sable and On and On Bronze from Maybelline. I also love a couple shades from the Maybelline Blushed Nudes palette as well. But my go-to favourite shade has to be from the Sweet Peach palette, a shade called Caramelized. I use a fluffy brush to blend the colour all over my lid and into my crease, then using a flat brush to intensify it on my lid, it looks beautiful. Below I’ve swatched a few of my other current favs.


  • Maybelline Colour Tattoo- On and on Bronze
  • Modern Renaissance Palette – Antique Bronze
  • The Balm ‘Nude Dude- Funny
  • The Balm ‘Nude Dude- Firm
  • Too Faced ‘Sweet Peach Palette- Caramelized
  • Mac- Sable
  • Maybelline ‘The Blushed Nudes’ Shades 6 + 7
With Flash
Without Flash
OGX Argan Oil of Morocco Extra Strength In-Shower Oil

Oh my gosh! Where to start?! As you’ll know if you read my blog regularly, I love OGX Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner, in fact, I swear by it! So when I saw this oil I HAD to have it. It was on offer so I grabbed two for £10, instead of £8.35 each. This oil is the fricking gorgeous! I smoother my hair in it and my body. I really love putting it on wet skin in the shower, so much quicker than moisturising once I get out. Throughout the week I apply it to the ends of my hair after brushing it in the mornings, my hair drinks it up and my hair is left silky and shiny and I still only need to wash my hair once a week.  Did I mention it smells sooooo good? It really does.


Barry M Cosmic Lights Highlighter Palette

If I’m honest, I saw the packaging and I knew I’d like what was inside. I was right! Lucky really as my local Boots only had one of these palettes in stock.  I swatched the tester and there were at least 4 of the 6 shades that I didn’t own individually or in any other palettes. I love that there is a mix of creams and powders. Sometimes I love to use all creams and pass on any powders. This should go against all rules with oily skin, but I find if I use an oil control setting spray, I don’t get the ‘oil slick’ look. My favourite shade in this palette is the golden bronze cream, If you know me, I doubt you are surprised.

Yankee Candle Wax Tartlet in Soft Cotton

There’s something so good about this scent, I have it burning in a holder in my kitchen, so when I walk in from another room it hits me. I hate my kitchen smelling all foody, so this hides the odours and also fills the room with the fragrance of fresh of the line washing.

Topshop Vest Dress

This dress! I bought it about a month ago and every time the sun comes out, I’m in it! It’s perfect as it’s ideal for daytime. I’m a couple cms short of 6ft, so a lot of dresses come short on me, I just cant do short; yanking down a dress constantly irritates the hell out of me. So when I saw this midi bodycon V-neck vest dress hanging right in my sight line in Topshop, I didn’t hesitate to grab it. I love it! The length, the colour and the neckline. It’s nice to show a bit of boob especially as it covers everything downwards.

Songs Of The Month
  • Cheat Codes No Promises ft Demi Lovato.
  • It Aint Me- Kygo & Selena Gomez


That’s about it for this month. Nothing on TV has really grabbed my attention and no amazing foods to share with you.

Enjoy June! It’s my birthday month, just incase you didn’t know 😜




Does The Weather Determine Your Outfit?

Lately, I’ve been struggling when comes to what to wear, mainly because of the weather, yes, I said it again, the damn weather. It really does make an impact on what to wear. I’m actually sat here wrapped in a blanket as I’m typing this.  I absolutely hate being cold so for me I seem to gravitate to warm clothes, which usually consist of leggings, a big fluffy hoodie, and a warm jacket. What I really want to wear is a nice dress or skirt with a cute little top, bare legged. Nope, not in the UK. (I’ve tried to love tights, I just can’t). Usually, I just wear the same old boring, non-adventurous garms. I grab a pair of battered old trainers as I fly out the door because let’s face it, its probably going to rain so let’s avoid ruining those gorgeous new sandals with the bright pom poms and the pretty tassels and accept that other than the two weeks of summer (80-85 degrees max) we get a year, it’s about dressing for the weather and not the occasion.

So last week I decided that in order to help me be a little more organised and not have the weather dictate how I’m going to dress, I had a massive wardrobe clear out. I had so many items that I say to myself I’ll wear but still haven’t since the last time I said: “I might wear it”. I really won’t, so just get rid! It did feel good to clear out the ‘maybes’ and ‘definitely nots’. 90% of these items I’d bought for ‘summer’ then summer never comes.

I used to keep my summer clothes in one wardrobe and winter clothes in the other. What a waste of wardrobe! Now I’ve split, Bottoms Tops, Jumpers, Coats and Jackets in one, then day/evening dresses and skirts and shorts in the other. Now it’s much more organised and so much easier to see what is what.  Jumpers and coats dominate my wardrobe! I wish it was bikinis and summer dresses!! Now I can try to plan stylish outfits that I want to wear which also work for the cold and wet weather.

I also find its shopping this time of year is kind of hit and miss, all the shops stock the gorgeous ‘summer’ pieces because we simply don’t have the climate to wear them, so it’s never worth buying just to wear one or twice. I only ever buy summer clothes if I’m planning a trip away to a hot country. When I am abroad and the weather is warm and sunny, outfit choosing is so simple and effortless that I don’t even need to think about what I’m going to wear. I take minimal outfits and it’s so easy to forget about all my other clothes back at home in my wardrobe. So for me, a hot climate makes dressing so simple and effortless. I really do get photo envy when I see my Instagram feed full of sunshine and summer clothes. I get so inspired then look out the window and cry a little inside. Haha, no I don’t really, I’m already looking up where to buy the outfit! Which will probably then end up in the ‘maybe’ pile. Damn it! I bet I’m not the only one that has a ‘hopefully it will be hot enough to wear it’ section in their wardrobe?


How do you plan your wardrobe to suit the climate? Does the wear determine your outfit?







Warehouse Bag I Forgot I Loved

A few weeks ago I was having a mini Spring clean and I came across this bag. I remember buying this bag when I worked as a Manager for Warehouse in Epsom just over 4 years ago (Gosh, I can’t believe it’s actually that long ago!) I saw this bag and I desperately wanted it, so snatched it up. I love that it’s neutral but has a pop of colour to give it a bit of fun. I think orange is such a spring, summer colour. As you may already know, I wear a lot of greys so this goes with pretty much every outfit I have.  It’s perfect to hold, worn on your arm, on your shoulder or cross body. I personally love it cross body, It’s the perfect length as I find so many aren’t on me.

It has two sections inside and the middle panel has a zip. It has two small pouches for keys and phone, a zip compartment and a zip on the back of the bag.

It’s a great size to fit in all my essentials. I like this bag if I’m traveling light and want my hands free. It fits my Sony camera too which is perfect.


Do you forget about bags or accessories you own, then find them and realise how much you loved them?




April Favourites

Hey Hey!

This month has been another busy month in my world, but as always I’ve had my favourites so let’s jump in with the first thing.

D&G 3  L‘Imperatice

I have loved this perfume for a long time now. Around this time of year, I seem to wear it more often because I find it suits the warmer months more. It’s such a happy, fun fragrance and I love wearing it. It’s a massive 100ml bottle and the longevity is the best out of all the perfumes I’ve owned, even the very expensive ones! It lasts and lasts! I grabbed my most recent bottle for £25, what a bargain! It’s usually around £45, which is still amazing for the 100ml bottle it’s only available in. Check out the notes in my recent post, Top Favourite Perfumes

Love This Fragrance So Much
L’Oreal Total Cover

I was skeptical about this foundation and I can’t say I love it on its own. However, I find if I mix it with True Match (the combo made famous by Holly Boon), then it works fab. I don’t always use ‘True Match’ though, I find it also works just as well with Nars Sheer Glow or Mac Face + Body Foundation. Basically, any foundation that is a little more watery as Total Cover is very thick! Also, you really only need the tiniest amount. Total Cover gives flawless and very full coverage. The finish is just beautiful. I did a mini review on it which you can see here Total Cover Review 

Coverage At It’s Best
Maybelline Master Drama Cream Eyeliner Pencil – Dark Brown

I’ve never really been one to wear eyeliner as years ago I always wore black and it made my eyes look small and squinty so I stopped wearing any sort of black under my eyes or in my bottom waterline. I’ve had this dark brown pencil for a while and never used it. But then the past few weeks I’ve reached for it and popped in in my waterline and smudged it out with a small waterline brush. I’ve loved the results its given me. It makes my grey eyes pop and really define them.

Brown Is The New Black
Converse All Stars 

There is nothing nicer than a fresh, clean white pair of trainers. Converse just seem to work with any outfit, whether it’s jeans, skirts, dresses or shorts, they just go. I just get so worried about getting them dirty (as below *sigh*) I’m sure you’re with me?! They are super comfy and amazingly I didn’t get one blister with my first wear! I also have the wedged version which I love. For days when I want to feel a little more girly, these are perfect.

“Give A Girl The Right Pair Of Shoes…”
L’Oreal Miss Baby Roll Mascara

The second L’Oreal product in my favourites! L’Oreal are doing good this month. I’ve not really discovered L’Oreal makeup, so to find two amazing products makes me excited to try more of their makeup. I’ve only every tried the Telescopic mascara and that is pretty much it. Telescopic was my favourite mascara because of the way it makes my lashes look but I loathe the way it takes ages to dry then transfers all around my eyes. I tried Miss Baby Roll because honestly, I loved the packaging, but had little expectation of it, but oh my gosh I was shocked! Like Telescopic it makes my lashes look AMAZING! But dries instantly so I don’t have to worry about messing up the rest of my makeup. Hands down my new favourite. It also comes in a few colours so if you’re feeling adventurous then you can go for Indigo, Lilac or Teal.

The BEST Mascara…Ever?
Wahaca Smoky Chipotle Salsa

I can’t get enough of this salsa. I absolutely love it! My favourite way to have it at the moment is in a wholemeal wrap with spinach. It’s yummy! There really isn’t much else to say about it, but if you love a bit of heat and a smoky flavour, give it a try and see what you think. It would make a great dipping salsa and would work well as a side sauce. I personally have with everything and anything.

So So Good!
St Tropez Self Tanning Mousse 

Moving into Spring I’ve upped my tanning game and have been more consistent with my tanning routine, i.e, once a week I reapply my tan. I’ll have a long soak and then exfoliate whatever is left over from the previous application, then the following evening I tan. Waking up with a nice fresh tan is so satisfying. I love this particular tan as it gives me the results I want. There may be better ones on the market, but why change when something works? I use the mousse formula as its the simplest to use and it has a colour guard so I know exactly where I’m applying it so I’m not left with any patches I’ve missed. If you struggle with getting a great natural looking tan, maybe have a watch of my Tanning Routine on my Youtube Channel.

How Cute Is This Mini Version?
Americas/Britains Next Top Model + Project Runway

I love all three of these and they are the only three programmes I’m really into at the moment. It’s ideal that they are on one after the other so my binge tv is all on the same evening. Seeing the girls transform over the series is incredible and I’m excited to see who wins. I love the challenges they are set and seeing their hair, makeup, and outfits. Gosh, some of their outfits are just amazing! Project Runway has been a favourite programme for so long as growing up my dream job was to be a fashion designer, so I love watching their creations come together and seeing the fabrics and textures they use. If I could sew as good as these guys I would never buy clothes again and just make all my own!


So that is everything guys! I don’t want to bore you with a huge long list so I’ve kept it brief. I’m hoping to have some ‘summery’ favourites next month, if the weather wants to cheer the hell up and maybe, just maybe the sun might pop out and say hi, it’s been a while!

Anyway, have an amazing month and I’ll catch up with you soon.


Soleil Tan De Chanel Review

I’ve heard a lot of mixed opinions on this product. I saw a Youtuber (Inthefrow) using it and I thought it looked beautiful. Her skin tone is a lot lighter than mine so thought it may not work so well, but it’s meant to be universal so it should be fine, right?


I’ve never actually tried anything from Chanel before and wanted to splurge on a luxury item with my saved up Boots points.

I bought it and when it arrived I was excited to try it. It’s a really good size and the packaging is as you’d expect from Chanel. It has a very light fresh fragrance, but nothing too noticeable. It’s a gorgeous cream bronzer, a perfect shade, not too warm but not too ashy either.

I use it with my Real Techniques Contour Brush, I swirl it around in the tub then blend it into the areas where the sun would naturally hit my face. I love using it when I have minimal makeup on and want my skin to look fresh and natural. It gives the skin a nice dewy look and gives the appearance of your own skin with a sun-kissed glow.

I have oily skin but don’t feel I need to set my face after using this cream as it doesn’t seem to slide off my face or go patchy.

I think it would be great to take on holiday when you have caught the sun when you want to wear something light and give you a bit of ‘extra’.

This product may seem quite expensive but you do get your monies worth, I’ve used it a lot and I’ve not even made a dent in it. I think it is worth the money, and also the hype.

Let me know what you think if you’ve tried it.

You can get it HERE  ⬅️     (This is not a sponsored post or an affiliate link)