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It all started when I bought a Body Scrub called ‘My Coconut Island’ by a brand called ‘Treaclemoon’ at my local Supermarket. I think I bought it for a holiday and it was on offer so I grabbed it (rude not to, hey) I’ve not seen this brand anywhere else but as I’m a sucker for anything Coconut, I really wanted to try it. I find some Coconut scented body products have an almost bitter after smell once you’ve used/applied it which I find really off-putting. This Coconut smell has a sweet, creamy after smell which makes me want to eat it! It reminds me of Milk Bottle sweets.

Sweet Coconut Body Scrub

I also love the little quote on the packaging, “I’m going to a faraway place she said… her toes wriggled in the warm sand and a silly seagull laughed and danced in the sweet wind.”

Not long after, I bought the Bath + Shower Gel which I also use as a bubble bath because it’s just soooo good!

It Also Makes Amazing Bubble Bath

Recently they brought out a Hand Cream (obviously I snapped it up!) It’s in really cute packaging, smells exactly the same and is a glycerine based product so it really nourishes and protects your hands whilst leaving them super soft.  I’m a little obsessed with this hand cream and I’m forever applying it!

Hand Food!

Then today I bought the Body Butter and can’t wait to use it! It contains Shea Butter and Avocado Oil which are so good for silky hydrated skin. I think there are a few more Coconutty products in this range that aren’t stocked at this particular supermarket but I will hopefully find them somewhere. Now we are heading into the Summer here in the UK, I feel a sweet tropical scent is perfect for the coming season.

Skin Quenching Body Butter

They also do other scents/flavours, so if you aren’t into Coconut there are quite a few others to chose from.

Some of the others include:

  • Those Lemonade days
  • Dusted Coconut Heaven
  • One Ginger Morning
  • That Vanilla Moment
  • The Raspberry Kiss

Have you tried any of this range from Treaclemoon? What do you think about it?

Let me know in the comments below.


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