Quick Makeup Routine For After The Pool


Recently I started going swimming again once a week. If you are anything like me and you like your makeup, then you probably like to wear something just make you feel a little more, radiant. Because I’m so used to a  bit of makeup, I feel I look a little odd without it, eyelashes especially.


The Quick Routine

Before I leave the house I moisturise my face and because I have light brown eyelashes I pop on a bit of waterproof mascara (Mac In Extreme Dimension), so they match my hair colour, then that’s me done. It stays on during my swim so no need to reapply afterwards.


There is something quite liberating about going fresh faced. I’m not going to lie I did use to wear a full face but when you get out and look in the mirror to see you look like you’ve been watching too many chick flicks then it’s probably best to go without.

After I’ve been swimming I moisturise my face again, but this time I add a little liquid highlighter mixed in with it. I’ve been using the Rimmel Good To Glow in Soho Glow with my Body Shop Skin Defense which has SPF50 in it. The highlighter gives a nice healthy glow. Because I’m all about that ‘extra’ glow, I add a little Maybelline Master Strobe Stick in Medium 200. I just add this to the high points of my cheeks, down my nose and on my cupids bow.


I then brush my brows with a little clear brow gel from Rimmel (Brow this way) to set them in place.

Next, I pop on some Mac Lip Conditioner to hydrate my lips and I’m all done.

I don’t put on a full face after my swim, because one, I don’t want to be taking lots of makeup out with me, and two, trying to put a full face on whilst keeping an eye on a  4-year-old running around the changing room is a bit of a nightmare!


What is your makeup routine when you go swimming? Do you go for a full waterproof face or just go au naturel?





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