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A couple weeks ago a decides to change up my skin care and try some new products. As my local Boots is so small and stock very little, I went online to see what was new. Soon I came across this new Fine Flowers range by L’Oreal.

The range is Rose and Jasmine, I’m not going to lie, the scent did put me off at first because usually, anything Rose makes me a little nauseous, but personally, I think the Jasmine comes through more; it actually smells so good and yet really fresh. It does specify that it’s for Dry/Sensitive skin, I’m oily, but works absolutely fine for me.

I picked up the Gel Cream Wash, which comes in a 150ml  tube, The Cleansing Cream, which comes in a 200ml tub and the Toner which comes in a massive 400ml bottle.

Gel Cream Wash with Muslin Cloth
The Routine

I’ve used these products every day for almost 2 weeks. Firstly I use a makeup wipe to remove my mascara, (there are wipes in the range also, but I was using up some others I’ve already opened) then I go in with the Fine Flowers range. I have been switching between the Gel Cream and the Cream, which I use with my Magnitone Cleansing Brush. If you don’t have a cleansing brush then I’d highly recommend one. Your face feels a whole new level of clean after using one! I’ve put a link to mine above, but there are more affordable ones around.

Then I just wipe away all the dirt and makeup with a damp muslin cloth. The products are great at removing all my makeup and leave my skin feeling so soft and polished. There is no tightness or residue left behind. I finish off by using the Toner on a large cotton pad. It’s a thicker consistency than I thought it would be, it’s somewhere in between a gel and water.

Cleansing Cream with my LE Magnitone Bareface Brush

I’ve had no breakouts since using the range. I actually had a bit of redness on my cheek before using the products, which have now gone. My skin is looking brighter, healthier and feels so soft.

Will I continue to use this product? Yes, 100%. It’s quick, easy and mess-free. My skin care routine was becoming a bit of a chore before, but now I actually get excited to take my face off. I think I prefer the Cleansing Cream, no real reason, It just feels more satisfying smearing it on my face and massaging it in (almost like a face mask) The Gel Cream would be better for travelling because of the packaging, which is the reason I grabbed it as well.

Fine Flowers Toner

Also in the range is a Cleansing Milk 400ml and Face Wipes which come in Dry/Sensitive and also Normal/Combination.

It is currently on offer in Boots with half price off, so I will leave links to the 3 products I used below.

L’Oreal Fine Flowers Cleansing Gel Wash

L’Oreal Fine Flowers Cleansing Cream

L’Oreal Fine Flower Toner 

Hope you found this review helpful!


Enjoy your day

*This is not a sponsored or paid post. All products were bought with my own money. All opinions are my own.



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