Wow, there goes another Month! I’ve been really busy working towards my goals (slowly getting there). I’ve kept to my planned workouts and, boy I feel better for it. But we are not here for that. It’s monthly favourites time!


  • Iconic London Liquid Illuminator – It’s like liquid gold. It gives the best glow of any highlighter I’ve used before. I’m really drawn to ‘liquid’ products at the moment and leaving the powders for now. I dab it on with my finger (a little goes a long way!) then blend it with my ‘Beautyblender’.
  • Barry M Chisel Cheeks Contour Cream Stick Duo – A great cool toned contour shade that blends in perfectly. I don’t use the highlighter stick as much as I tend to use a concealer to highlight. I bought a contour stick in a higher end brand which was too warm, but for just £10 less you get an affordable, better contour stick AND highlighter. Bargain!
Iconic illuminator + BarryM Contour Stick
  • Nars Sheerglow (Barcelona) – I keep going back to this foundation as it suits my skin so well and I love the finish. I’m really lucky to have blemish free and an even skin tone so I don’t need a full coverage foundation for daily wear.
  • Chanel Soleil Tan Bronze – This one was a bit of a splurge (Thanks, Boots Advantage Card!) But it really does live up to the hype. It blends really nicely and gives you a natural sun-kissed glow to your face. I apply it using the ‘Real Techniques’ Contour Brush.
  • Kylie Cosmetics Liquid Lip Kit in Pumpkin– I love wearing this as it’s so different to any other shade of lip products I own. You can check out what I said about it here. KYLIE Lip Kit ‘Pumpkin’
Nars Sheerglow, KYLIE Pumpkin + Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel


  • The Comforter Bubble Bar from ‘Lush’ – It was in my November favourites and it’s here again. Still loving it, still use it and unless they discontinue it or change the ingredients dramatically then I will continue to purchase this gorgeous product for the rest of time. Let’s face it, who doesn’t love a pink bath! It actually encourages me to have a relaxing bath, light some candles and chill out of an evening.
  • Japonesque False Lash Placement Tool – Game changer! I love to wear falsies but getting them on used to be impossible so I stopped trying. Then I discovered this tool, oh my gosh, the easiest, most precise way of applying lashes, now I wear them with every makeup look. If you struggle, try this tool. With tweezers, I’d find I’d pinch my lid when I try to press the false lash to my natural one, but this has a flat end so it clamps the whole lash strip as well as your lashes.
LUSH Comforter + Japonesque Lash Applicator



  • Michael Kors Mercer Large Leather Satchel – I’ve been on the look out for the perfect ‘Grey’ leather bag for years but have never come across anything the perfect shade and size. Then this bag popped up as an advert on ‘Black Friday’. It was love at first sight and I’ve never looked back since. This bag holds so much and even fits my DSLR and laptop if I wanted to take it out. I love that the straps are long enough to wear on the shoulder and it also has a long ‘over the body’ strap if you need your hands. It has one large zip pocket and another slit pocket which I keep an A3 notebook and pen in. I bet you wanted to know that!
Michael Kors Mercer Satchel
  • Adidas Original Superstars in ‘White’    I love these Trainers. I’ve been scared to wear them because I really don’t want them to get dirty. The weather hasn’t been that great so I avoid wearing them when it’s wet outside. They are super comfy and go with so many outfits. I chose the completely white ones as I find them more versatile. My Adidas Court Vantages have seen better days and need a good wash. I’m debating to put them in the washing machine as I’ve done this before with trainers and they came out grey! Any tips on washing them?
Adidas Superstar


  • The Musketeers (Netflix) Yes, The long-awaited, Or rather what feels like a lifetime to me! Is back! Series 3 has finally arrived. I got to the end of Series 2 and was excited to carry onto the next series, but I almost went into shock at the fact, IT WASN’T THERE! Panic mode set in. Google gave me no helpful information as I searched frantically as to where and when I could view it-Thanks Google. Then mid-month I got ‘The notification’ that it was now on Netflix. I could lie and say I just read it and carried on about my day, but no, I shrieked and scared the life out of my friend, Sorry Max!   

I’ve not really been watching anything worth mentioning. Tv is pretty dire at the moment.


  • Lindt Intense Blueberry Dark Chocolate – I think this is fairly new as I’ve never seen it before? I tried it for the first time a few weeks ago and it’s probably one of the nicest chocolates I’ve had in a long time. Unlike a lot of chocolate that has such an artificial flavour, this doesn’t. It has real Blueberry pieces as well as little ‘slivers’ of Almond.
  • Avocado – I’ve never mentioned them before, but my love for an ‘Avo’ is a strong one. I pretty much have one a day. Just as well they are good for you!
  • Coconut Oil – I cook with it, used it in my hair and moisturise with it. Such an amazing all round product. I’ve totally switched from Olive to Coconut Oil to cook with and wouldn’t go back. It’s great for dry skin and absorbs really quickly to leave a healthy glow and super soft skin.
Coconut Oil + Avocado


  • My Sony A5100– This Camera is incredible. The quality of photos is something else. So clear and crisp. Every little detail is visible yet it’s so flattering. For makeup shots, this is the only camera I’d use. No edited required, (well unless you have a stray hair across your face, they show up!)
Sony A5100


  • JP Cooper September Song – I can’t get enough of this song. Every time I hear it, it just makes me smile and want to sing along.


That’s about all the things that I’ve been loving the most this month. 

What have you been loving?

Much Love


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