Hi Lovelies! Gosh, where has this month gone? I can’t believe it’s March tomorrow. I’ve decided to give up chocolate for March until the end of Lent! Wish me luck. I will do it, but it’ll be hard.

This month I’ve really been switching up what I’ve been using so my favourites list this month is quite short. Here are the few items that have been staples or essentials.

Sigma Highlighter Brush – I recently bought this to add to my collection of Sigma brushes (I frickin love these brushes!) I just really enjoy using it, like the rest of them. It feels really nice on the skin and glides on for an intense powder highlight. Doing my highlight is definitely my favourite part of my makeup routine!

Sigma F03

Iconic Illuminator – This illuminator has multiple uses. I love mixing it in with my moisturiser if I’m having a no foundation day for a natural glow, or I put a drop in my foundation for luminosity. You can use it on the eyelid as a shadow and also as a highlighter on the high points of the cheek, above the brow, cupids bow and bridge of the nose. I put a bit on my finger and dab it out as I find this gives the best result.

Iconic London


‘B. Brush Cleanser’, from Superdrug. I’ve never mentioned this before, but this is something I used every single day. I use it to ‘spot clean’ my makeup brushes. I without fail use this on my brow brush after using brow pomade so my brush doesn’t go hard. I also use it to quickly clean my eye brushes before using a different shadow colour. It really is an essential that I couldn’t be without. I always have a backup of this product.

B. Makeup Brush Cleanser

Grey Flat Boots – I’m a bit late getting these as winter is almost over, or is it?! It actually seems to be getting colder! I love that they are ‘over the knee’. I think this type of boot is so flattering. I love heels but for everyday wear, these are so comfortable. The suede material makes them a little more dressy. They are versatile so I can wear them with jeans, leggings or skirts and dresses. The lace detailing at the back gives them extra style and the grey/taupe colour goes which most outfits, Perfect! These are from Asos.com

‘Lace Up’ detailing

Topshop Grafitti Demin Jacket – The moment I saw this jacket I knew I had to have it; It’s so ‘me’. I wanted a denim jacket to wear during the transitional period into Spring and this was it! I love the distressed look and the back of it is so unique. It’s such an interesting piece that already has had a lot of wear and will be a key item throughout Spring/Summer. Love, love,love!!

Graffiti Denim Jacket

Electric Toothbrush – I bought this Oral-B Genius 9000 mid-December when it was on offer and I can honestly say it was worth the price tag. Not only does it clean my teeth to an extreme, but also my teeth are a good few shades whiter, compared to my old Oral-B 2000 electric toothbrush (which sounds pathetic next to the Genius 9000) It’s more like a power drill whereas the ‘2000’ has a quiet buzz. I’ve also noticed that my teeth are so much less sensitive. It has 6 modes (pro clean, daily clean, sensitive, tongue cleaning, whitening and gum care) It also comes with 4 different brush heads, a travel case with built-in charger, a regular charger and a smartphone holder which you can download and app to keep track of your cleaning pattern. Yes, I really am that excited over a toothbrush!! Ha!

Oral-B Genius 9000

ANTM – Happy to see this back on! Although I am disappointed not to see Tyra! Don’t get me wrong, Rita Ora is great but she just doesn’t have the fierceness of Tyra; she makes the show what it is. But we will see. 

So that’s it, not lots this month.

What have you been really enjoying?

Much Love,


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