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This month has been another busy month in my world, but as always I’ve had my favourites so let’s jump in with the first thing.

D&G 3  L‘Imperatice

I have loved this perfume for a long time now. Around this time of year, I seem to wear it more often because I find it suits the warmer months more. It’s such a happy, fun fragrance and I love wearing it. It’s a massive 100ml bottle and the longevity is the best out of all the perfumes I’ve owned, even the very expensive ones! It lasts and lasts! I grabbed my most recent bottle for £25, what a bargain! It’s usually around £45, which is still amazing for the 100ml bottle it’s only available in. Check out the notes in my recent post, Top Favourite Perfumes

Love This Fragrance So Much
L’Oreal Total Cover

I was skeptical about this foundation and I can’t say I love it on its own. However, I find if I mix it with True Match (the combo made famous by Holly Boon), then it works fab. I don’t always use ‘True Match’ though, I find it also works just as well with Nars Sheer Glow or Mac Face + Body Foundation. Basically, any foundation that is a little more watery as Total Cover is very thick! Also, you really only need the tiniest amount. Total Cover gives flawless and very full coverage. The finish is just beautiful. I did a mini review on it which you can see here Total Cover Review 

Coverage At It’s Best
Maybelline Master Drama Cream Eyeliner Pencil – Dark Brown

I’ve never really been one to wear eyeliner as years ago I always wore black and it made my eyes look small and squinty so I stopped wearing any sort of black under my eyes or in my bottom waterline. I’ve had this dark brown pencil for a while and never used it. But then the past few weeks I’ve reached for it and popped in in my waterline and smudged it out with a small waterline brush. I’ve loved the results its given me. It makes my grey eyes pop and really define them.

Brown Is The New Black
Converse All Stars 

There is nothing nicer than a fresh, clean white pair of trainers. Converse just seem to work with any outfit, whether it’s jeans, skirts, dresses or shorts, they just go. I just get so worried about getting them dirty (as below *sigh*) I’m sure you’re with me?! They are super comfy and amazingly I didn’t get one blister with my first wear! I also have the wedged version which I love. For days when I want to feel a little more girly, these are perfect.

“Give A Girl The Right Pair Of Shoes…”
L’Oreal Miss Baby Roll Mascara

The second L’Oreal product in my favourites! L’Oreal are doing good this month. I’ve not really discovered L’Oreal makeup, so to find two amazing products makes me excited to try more of their makeup. I’ve only every tried the Telescopic mascara and that is pretty much it. Telescopic was my favourite mascara because of the way it makes my lashes look but I loathe the way it takes ages to dry then transfers all around my eyes. I tried Miss Baby Roll because honestly, I loved the packaging, but had little expectation of it, but oh my gosh I was shocked! Like Telescopic it makes my lashes look AMAZING! But dries instantly so I don’t have to worry about messing up the rest of my makeup. Hands down my new favourite. It also comes in a few colours so if you’re feeling adventurous then you can go for Indigo, Lilac or Teal.

The BEST Mascara…Ever?
Wahaca Smoky Chipotle Salsa

I can’t get enough of this salsa. I absolutely love it! My favourite way to have it at the moment is in a wholemeal wrap with spinach. It’s yummy! There really isn’t much else to say about it, but if you love a bit of heat and a smoky flavour, give it a try and see what you think. It would make a great dipping salsa and would work well as a side sauce. I personally have with everything and anything.

So So Good!
St Tropez Self Tanning Mousse 

Moving into Spring I’ve upped my tanning game and have been more consistent with my tanning routine, i.e, once a week I reapply my tan. I’ll have a long soak and then exfoliate whatever is left over from the previous application, then the following evening I tan. Waking up with a nice fresh tan is so satisfying. I love this particular tan as it gives me the results I want. There may be better ones on the market, but why change when something works? I use the mousse formula as its the simplest to use and it has a colour guard so I know exactly where I’m applying it so I’m not left with any patches I’ve missed. If you struggle with getting a great natural looking tan, maybe have a watch of my Tanning Routine on my Youtube Channel.

How Cute Is This Mini Version?
Americas/Britains Next Top Model + Project Runway

I love all three of these and they are the only three programmes I’m really into at the moment. It’s ideal that they are on one after the other so my binge tv is all on the same evening. Seeing the girls transform over the series is incredible and I’m excited to see who wins. I love the challenges they are set and seeing their hair, makeup, and outfits. Gosh, some of their outfits are just amazing! Project Runway has been a favourite programme for so long as growing up my dream job was to be a fashion designer, so I love watching their creations come together and seeing the fabrics and textures they use. If I could sew as good as these guys I would never buy clothes again and just make all my own!


So that is everything guys! I don’t want to bore you with a huge long list so I’ve kept it brief. I’m hoping to have some ‘summery’ favourites next month, if the weather wants to cheer the hell up and maybe, just maybe the sun might pop out and say hi, it’s been a while!

Anyway, have an amazing month and I’ll catch up with you soon.



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