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I wanted to mention a couple of new makeup products that I’ve been trying. Yes, I’m very late to try these but they’ve not long become available to buy in the UK.

Firstly I took the plunge and ordered one of the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Skin Frosts in the shade ‘Peach Goddess’. It’s described as a ‘crushed pearly pink’. Now I love other highlighters such as Becca ‘Champagne Pop’, The Balm ‘Mary-Lou’ and Sleek ‘Solstice’ Palette. These are my favourites; well that was until the arrival of Peach Goddess. It’s just gorgeous.

Peach Goddess Skin Frost

It glides on your skin and literally takes no effort to blend. I find the others need a bit more work to avoid that, ‘line of glow’. This just naturally blends out with no harsh lines. The formula is so, yes I’m going to say it, ‘buttery’. It’s not powdery at all; I love it. It’s very buildable too, so you can have a subtle highlight or go full on glow. Personally, I don’t do ‘subtle’ when it comes to highlighting, I like it to ‘blind!’ #glowtothegods!!

The packaging is bright pink and, well, huge! You certainly get your monies worth. It will last forever, as long as I don’t smoother my whole body in it every day, ha! In my opinion, it’s totally worth the hype.

Left- Natural Daylight Right- Camera Flash

Next up I bought his liquid lipstick in the shade, ’Celebrity Skin’. It’s described as a pink toned brown; It’s very neutral.

Celebrity Skin

As I didn’t know how this formula would be on the lips, I played safe, but now I have tried it, I want to try more shades. I mean, there is a colour for everyone! I found it easy to apply and the colour is very opaque. It dries quickly on the lips, but without cracking or flaking. When you rub your lips together it doesn’t shift or crumble. I’d compare it to my ‘Kylie Pumpkin’ and ‘ABH Strawberry’. All liquid lipsticks make your lips dry to a certain extent, but this one is comfortable and my lips don’t feel like the Sahara desert. Some liquid lipsticks also make your lips look seriously wrinkly, not this one. Can we also just take a moment to appreciate this packaging, How beaut!

Easy Doe Foot Applicator

I wanted to mention the smell of this lipstick as well. It’s sweet, yet minty. It reminds me of a humbug! But don’t worry,  It doesn’t have a tingling effect on your lips!

Have you tried any of the products from Jeffree Star Cosmetics? Which products and shades do you love and recommend?

I bought both of these from BeautyBay

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*The brush in the photo is made by a company called ‘Docolor’. It’s the ‘Fantasy’ highlighter and contour brush.


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